Living Room 1, 2014-2015   Acrylic on prepared cardboard panels. 20 panels each measuring 26" x 40". Overall dimensions 130" x 160".
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Kitchen, 2016
  Hallway, 2016   Hallway, 2016, acrylic house paint on cardboard, 104” x 68”  (8 panels at 26” x 34” each)
  Stairway, 2016   Stairway, 2016, Acrylic house paint on cardboard, 102” x 50”, (6 panels at 34” x 25” each).
 Bathroom Sink, 2016-17  Bathroom Sink, 2016-17, Acrylic house paint on cardboard, 78” x 108” (9 panels at 26” x 36” each).
  Sitting Room  (2015, Acrylic on prepared cardboard panels, 80" x 52". ) One of a variable number of images from Empty Spaces that deals with furnished rooms. Individuals do not occupy the rooms, though the presence of the furniture makes human occupation a tantalizing possibility. The components of the project are paintings, (sometimes in multiples} executed by means of hand-cut stencils and sculptures of some of the furnishings represented in the paintings. The sculptures are constructed of stacked cardboard and are built to be life size.
 Installation view from the exhibition Empty Spaces: Home Bodies at Real Art Ways, March 7, 2019 through May 19, 2019.
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